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byBonito Designs February 14, 2024 In Interior Design


With Valentine’s Day here again, what better way to celebrate love than by creating a cosy and intimate space at home? Whether you’re spending the day with your significant other, or friends, or enjoying some self-love, creating a cosy corner in your home can be a great way of bringing your loved ones together.  

Valentine's Day Corner in home decor

If you’ve just moved into a new apartment with your partner or loved ones, you’d understandably want to make your space truly special. However, turning your home into a haven of love and comfort can seem challenging, but with the right ideas and the expertise of an interior designer, you can make it happen.   

In this guide, we’ll explore some captivating ideas to transform your home into a warm and inviting space and create a cosy Valentine’s Day corner.   

Pain Point  

A home should reflect your and your loved ones’ personalities and be a space where you can share love and precious memories. However, many homeowners find it difficult to make this happen, especially when every member has different tastes.  


The solution is to find the perfect blend of interior design styles that suit every member’s tastes and reflect their personalities. After all, a home should be a haven for every person living in it. The key to achieving this is to hire an experienced interior designer who has the know-how to create spaces that meet your unique tastes and preferences.   

Incorporate Soft Furnishings into Your Space   

Incorporate Soft Furnishings into Your Space   

To create a cosy atmosphere, invest in soft furnishings. Regardless of which space you do this in, the introduction of soft furnishings can go a long way in making any space feel warmer and more inviting.  Soft furnishings are also the ideal element to add to a Valentine’s Day corner, be it in your living room or bedroom.  

For example, plush throw blankets, fluffy pillows, and a luxurious rug can instantly transform any space. You can add a plush rug to your living room that can act as a focal point and draws your attention. Warmer colours like beiges, browns, and oranges work perfectly well. However, deeper colours like maroon or navy can also be ideal.   

Similarly, the addition of pillows and cushions in warmer colours can make your sofa set design or your bedroom decor a lot more inviting, creating the perfect atmosphere for Valentine’s Day corner, and even all year around.   

Warm Lighting Makes Any Space Cosier   

Warm Lighting Makes Any Space Cosier   

Warm lighting, which is typically recommended for spaces like living and dining rooms and even bedrooms, goes a long way in making any space feel cosier and more inviting. It can also add a romantic touch to your space, especially when you want to create a Valentine’s Day corner to spend time with your significant other.  

The idea of switching from harsh overhead lights to lighting from sources like floor lamps, LED lights, and even pendant lights in specific corners can make your home truly come to life. They make for a great addition to any space in your home, including your bedroom.   

Personalise Your Home Decor   

Personalise Your Home Decor   

Add a personal touch to your cosy corner with decorations that reflect your relationship. Whether it’s accessories related to your favourite hobbies or statement pieces of art that reflect your personality, personalising your interiors can truly make your home feel like a haven of love and comfort.   

However, this personalisation doesn’t have to be limited to your living room or bedroom. If you and your loved ones enjoy cooking, for example, the addition of smart appliances and technology can also be a great way of bringing your family together every single day.  

Last but not least, frames that capture special moments in your lives, mementos or souvenirs from your travels and so on can also be ideal instruments to personalise your home interiors.   

Integrate Comfortable Seating Across Your Space

Integrate Comfortable Seating Across Your Space

One of the key elements of any opulent home is comfortable seating. Whether it’s a sectional that allows you and your significant other to come together and watch a movie, or floor cushions that add to a more communal feeling, the list of options available is endless. A sectional or a set of floor cushions can also be ideal when creating a cosy Valentine’s Day corner.  

Your seating also offers you the real estate to experiment with colours and textures that your space might be lacking. For example, materials like wool, velvet, or silk can make your home feel more opulent while adding some much-needed character to its interiors.   

Further, when the colour of the seating complements the rest of your decor, you can truly make your space come to life. So, for instance, if your home’s colour palette primarily consists of neutrals, adding warmer or earthy tones like browns, greens, yellows, and oranges can make for the ideal match.   

However, always remember that your home should reflect your individual tastes and preferences, so if you’re someone who prefers cooler colours, feel free to experiment with the various options available.   

Add Elements That Stimulate Your Senses

Add Elements That Stimulate Your Senses

Your home interiors must make you feel special at all times, and one of the most important ways of achieving this is to add elements that stimulate your senses. These could be your sense of sight, touch, smell, or even sound.  

When it comes to your sense of sight, choosing the right colour palette, adding a touch of greenery, or even decorative pieces that reflect your personality can make your space seem visually appealing. Similarly, you can stimulate your sense of touch with unique materials and textures, like the ones mentioned earlier. Rugs, throws, cushions, and materials like cotton, silk, velvet, and so on make for fantastic options.   

One of the best ways of stimulating your sense of smell is to use diffusers or candles in your space. Not only can these create the ideal environment for spending time with your significant other on Valentine’s Day, but also make you feel calmer and relaxed on a daily basis.   

Last but not least, you can stimulate your sense of sound with a water feature placed in your home. The sound of flowing water is said to calm the mind, and a water feature that neatly fits into your home can be a brilliant way of achieving this.   

In Conclusion   

While Valentine’s Day comes around once a year, your home should be a space that helps build connections with your loved ones all year round. Designing a Valentine’s Day corner or even your home interiors in a manner that makes them cosy, warm, and inviting is the key to achieving this.   

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