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8 Ways to Give Your House a Vintage Look

Vintage interior design is about embracing the things of the past and enjoying them just as they are by repairing or refinishing them.Often it gives a great feeling to have a vintage look.  A pair of furniture can be a great instrument for creating that magic. Let’s look at some of the innovative ways to give our house a vintage look.

1.A traditional Desk and a modern chair make a great combination.

modern chairs,traditional table, vintage ambience

            Image Source : http:www.homedit.com

2.A Vintage Hair Dresser: A vintage hair dresser is a great way to add a vintage flavor to the general ambiance. You can use it as a console to display your desired piece of art.

traditional hair dresser

Image Source : http:homedesignvip.com

3.A Vintage Home Bar: A vintage bar gives a great addition to the overall Vintage outlook of a dwelling place.

bar in the house, traditional bar

Image Source : http:www.hgtv.com

4.A Vintage Painting: A pre-modern painting in a vintage frame that blends with the rest of the decor

traditional photo frame

Image Source : http:www.tapmos.com

5.Antique piece as the focal point: Keep the antique piece as the focal point and everything else secondary. Keeping everything neutral or nude tones is one example

antique piece as focal point

Image Courtesy : https:www.byrneseyeview.com

6.An oriental rug gives a room very different kind of ambiance. It adds a kind of texture and pattern

Traditional rug for ambience

Image Source : http:www.fojodell.com

7.Usage of Vintage Cabinets: Using Vintage cabinets in a modern kitchen can add great value to its Vintage outlook

cabinets, vintage

               Image Source :https://vintagekitchens.com/cabinets

8.Vintage Wardrobe: You can use a vintage wardrobe to have little extra storage anywhere in the house

A mix of traditional and modern furniture could be used for an experimental look

Traditional wardrobes

         Image Source :  http:www.apartmenttherapy.com

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