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by February 18, 2017 In Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore DIY home decor ideas

Small Plants placed in a household or a flat gives it an altogether refreshing look. It gives a new ambiance and a grace to the whole superstructure.

1.Use of a Cart or Bench :

An extra space in the house can be made up by adding tons of plants and making it lively and sensual.

Image Credit : Pinterest

2.White pots :

If plants are being kept in a white pot, they give out a radiant look to the entire ambiance. If pots and the color of the wall are used in the same unison, it gives rise to a synergy in the atmosphere.

Image Courtesy: homedit

3.Geometric Pots:

The pots of different sizes if used can give an artistic feeling. It attracts the attention as well as spices up the entire surrounding.                                                                     

4.Plant Hangers:

A plant hanger can add to the serenity of a place. It gives a whole new concept to the dimension of a place.

 Image Courtesy: designrulz        

5.Use of a unique branch of a Plant:

Using a particular branch of a plant will be a good idea to create a marvelous appeal to the concept of decoration.

6.Creating Your Own plant corner:

You can always have a dedicated corner in your house and fill it with different kinds of plants. Tiny pots can be kept on the floor and large potted ones may be kept on the shelf.

7.Plants kept next to the couch:

Plants if kept next to a couch adds flavor to the whole surrounding. It gives a face lift and creates a ripple of admiration, whoever sees it for the first time.

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