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10 Ways to Use Wallpaper for Home Decoration Other Than Walls

Whenever  I think of the letter “W” only 2 words strikes my mind. “W’all and ‘W’allpapers

I  these two words as they pretend to be the perfect couple for me when both are combined.. 🙂

I knew that I sound too poetric these days.. 😉  But you have to bear with me..!!

Well let’s come to the action on why I memorized the letter “W”. Here in this post, you can read the most beautiful and intensive ways of decorating your beautiful home into a dreamland by decorating with wallpapers other than on walls.

Ways to Decorate your home with Wallpaper… 

Wallpaper designs add beauty to a room’s décor and also lend a character to it. They have been popular since time immemorial and with time their significance and use have also grown.

Earlier floral patterns on simple color were a popular choice and now house owners prefer bold colors and theme-based wallpapers.

Apart from decking up the place, wallpaper decoration ideas can be put to many uses. We have a list of ten such unusual uses of wallpaper. This list will make you think about your wallpaper themes again.

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1. Make an art piece:

Take out all the old paintings that you have wanted to frame forever. Touch them slightly and place them on a board covered with the wallpaper. Get this new art piece framed!

This technique also works for the existing art pieces hanging in your house. Placing paintings on wallpaper designs gives them a distinct highlight and adds to their visual appeal.

wallpaper around a paintingSource

There’s just one point to remember that the wallpaper being used should have color scheme similar to the art price being placed on it and the boarders of the frame should be done with complimentary colors.

Otherwise this experiment could go bad for you.

2. Make your wardrobes more interesting:

Put the wallpaper on closet doors and give your cupboard a new look altogether. Not only will your cupboard look different, albeit the whole room’s look and feel changes.

Here again one must remember to pick a wardrobe wallpaper decoration design that goes with the overall room décor. Here’s how it can be done:

wallpaper for closet doorSource

3. Add a dash of style with wallpaper decoration for living room:

Wrap wallpaper on cardboard and place it behind the corner furniture. This wallpaper decoration pattern will highlight the corners of your living room interiors. But make sure that wallpaper is well coordinated with the drawing-room furniture, otherwise, it will look like a rug placed in the living room.

This has to be done tastefully and with some sense on interior designing.

Here is a good example of wallpaper decoration design for the living room to follow:

Wall paper for living roomSource

This can also be applied to hide the ugly side doors, balcony entrances, storage spaces. This is an excellent method for people who live in small apartments as every room tends to be filled with cupboards. This can help break monotony of the room as well.

4. Glam up your pictures with house wallpaper decoration:

Wallpapers can add a dash of style to your pictures. Put your picture on a board covered with wallpaper. Frame this assemblage and you will realize that your picture has become lot more dramatic.


Now even if you put this photo frame on a blank wall, chances are people will notice it again! This is a good way to boost your creative sense as well.

5. Wallpapers for beautifying the showcase:

Your showcase can get an uplift with the wallpaper. Paint it white on the sides and shelf edges and the inside can be covered with a cool and inspiring wallpaper. Now keep all your decorative items in an array and this showcase could be a show stopper itself.

wallpaper for cupboardsSource

This is a good way to make use of old showcases as well or other old glass cupboards that have been put aside. Here is how one can work upon this idea:

6. Covering ugly furniture with wallpaper design ideas:

Use wallpaper to cover your ladders, stools and yes the old trunks that are an integral part of any Indian household’s furniture.

covering drawer sides with wallpapersSource

This is a cool way to put wallpaper to use and also lends a unique look to the furniture.

covering old furniture with wallpaperSource


Next time you won’t see ugly stools sitting around, instead your old stool will become a part of the new furniture and gel well with the room as well. Hers’ how to do it:

7. Make a side screen:

Side screens were a big hit as part of home décor in the 80s. Time to get the old, stained side screen out from the junkyard and cover it with the wallpaper.

You can also create a new side screen by cutting three long board pieces and covering it with wallpaper. Add a distinct border to each of these boards and join them on the hinges.

side screens with wallpaperwsSource

The side screen becomes new and can be used in the drawing room again. You can use it in your living room as well to create a partition of sorts as well.

8. Wallpaper on the ceiling:

Yes, you read it right. Put the wallpaper on ceiling and see the magic. The wallpaper does wonder to your drab ceilings, adding drama to it and completing the house décor. This should be done with care and wallpaper pattern should definitely go with your wall paint and furniture look.

wallpaper on ceilingSource

It shouldn’t be that you have brown colored cupboards and you put deep blue wallpaper on the ceiling.

9. Make crafty headboards:

Beds with headboards are so much in fashion these days. That doesn’t mean that you have to buy a new bed set. Your old bed will suffice. You just need to pick a board of the size of your bed’s width. Paste ample cotton or fiber on it and cover with cloth.

wallpaper as a headboardSource

On top of this drape beautiful wallpaper and your cushy headboard is ready. Put it behind your bed. Make sure that wallpaper matches the basic décor of your room and is in subtle colors. After all you would not want to see a jazzy colored headboard.

10. Wallpaper as wall set:

Long pieces of wallpaper can be used intelligently over the bare walls to create a niche design.

You just need to estimate the amount of space that is available on the wall. Then cut the wallpaper lengthwise in three or four panels and paste them on board. These boards can be pasted on your walls later.

wallpaper artSource

Wallpapers can be used on the walls as such but when used this like this, the overall look of the wallpaper changes.

These are some of the fabulous uses of wallpapers. There can be many more such ways like using a hardcover on books or creating art pieces and hanging in your living room.

One just needs to be creative with the wallpaper, what say!

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