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by Sravani Padmanabhuni June 30, 2014 In Blog DIY home decor ideas Home decoration ideas & Tips Uncategorized

As important as they are, light switches get the least attention of all the items in the house. We fit them, and forget about them, and these little darlings bear the brunt of mishandling, each time we want to switch on or turn down any of our electrical appliances.

There are no holidays, no hopes for these light switches and the light switch board, unless they are worn out, or broken. It is only then, that we tend to look at their condition and think of them as a part of the house!


Why don’t we really do something about them, when they do so much for us! Let’s make up some really creative switchboard decorations for the light switches and make them happier.

It would also help make our homes look perkier, and it will definitely surprise the guests, who are more likely to see a simple, mundane white switch that can never be anything more than the ordinary.

Here we are rolling out few creative switch board decorat

Idea 1: Frame it up!

When they do so much for you, in reverence, show respect and frame them up. Procure smart frames, you don’t need to worry about buying the expensive ones.


Paint them a shade darker than the color of the wall, or you could color them to match the furniture. Stick the frame around the light switch and watch the wonderful transformation.

Idea 2: Cover them up in Fabric! – Colorful light switch board ideas

Take the switch board out. Measure the fabric you are going to use. Cut them and stick them around the board. Make it as much secure as possible. The fabric you use could be funky, with Chevrolet or Paisley prints, or could even be a match to the upholstery of the room.


Whatever you choose, cut and paste like a professional, and you would find you light switch transmute from a mundane one into a very clever one.


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Idea 3: Glittering the light switch board!

For the children’s room or for a fun light switch in the girl’s room, use glitters to coat up the board. Ask your children to do it themselves. All you would need are tissue papers, glue and glitter powders. Stick the tissue paper on the board, and apply a coat of glue with an applicator brush.


Sprinkle the glitters here and there, or in a pattern you prefer. Once the glitter is dried, tap off the excess. Spray it with a lasting coat. Finished! Your glow, shiny switch board would be happy to get this makeover.

Idea 4: Shells!

You must have shells in the house from your last trip to the beach. If not, you could buy them at a crafts store. Once you have them cleaned and dried, stick them nice and secure on the board. You can paint them in pretty pastel shades, each with a different patterned outline.


If you have difficulty in pasting the shells on the board, use a ball of tissue paper and glue it really well stick it in between the shell and board. This will help the shells stick securely for a longer time.

Idea 5: Paint on it!

Painting switch plates is perhaps the most creative of all. Select a paint that will stay on the material of the light switch and then take out the artist within you. Paint them up nice and bright, as simple or as intricate you can do.

painting switch boardsSource

Your guests would be awed to see the little pieces of art strewn all around the walls. The artwork would not just get you applauds but also make the light switches more charming.

Idea 6: Neon Tapes!

It is always a pain to find the light switches in the dark. Remember, when you want to get a glass of water in the middle of the night, or come back home, and like a blind man pat through the walls to find the light switch!


Stick neon tapes, or radiant designs and make a pattern on the board. This will not just beautify, but provide with an added advantage of finding them when you need them.

Idea 7: Disney Characters!

Babies love Mickey and Minnie mouse, and the princesses of Disney. Why not build a room that incorporates their very own Disneyland inside it? Let every nook and cranny remind and inspire them of the pretty characters.


Even the light switches can be decorated with the Disney stickers. You could also paint around the light switch so that they don’t fondle much with them. Make the room beautiful and make your child happy.


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Idea 8: Sticky Notes!

Now, can you find a better idea than this? The light switches are the best place to put on the sticky notes. You can never forget a thing, because it is a place you always look to in whichever room of the house you are.


Stick notes to remind yourself or the members of the house for important tasks, stick to let your loved ones how much they mean to you, and stick notes for the best quote of the day to recharge and motivate you throughout the day!

Idea 9: Tape them up!

Washi Tapes are in vogue. Really! You can purchase them at any craft store. They are colorful tapes that stick and impart gorgeousness at the same time. Washi Tapes come in all different widths and designs. Choose the ones that suit your style the most.

Easy Washi Tape Switch Plates from Washi Tape CraftsSource

Create a pattern on your light board switch. They are easy to use, no fuss involved. Stick, create a pattern and cut of the edges to make them smooth. That’s it!

Idea 10: Treasure Hunt!

Remember the maps you get when you land at the airport in a new city? Do you have a collection of the maps from your travels and trips? Do you have an old atlas in the children’s room, which no one uses anymore?


Throwing off paper is a sin! Use them to make the most amazingly decorative light switches. If you are a frequent traveler, you could show off in a new found way. Stick the maps of your travel around the light boards. Photographs on the walls are such clichés, right?

Makeover is a very unique word. Renovating a home, or a room is a definite thing we all do. Giving a makeover to a tiny item such as the switch cover plates is a definite boost up!

Won’t it be a wonderful way to boast off your creativity, and surprise your guests?


Imagine how they would react, when you politely ask them, ‘Isn’t it hot in here? Could you please switch on the fan? It is right there!’