Different Types of Fabric We Use at Home

There are multiple facades of interior decoration. As wallpapers and flooring are an important part and parcel of interiors, so also fabrics play a very major and strategic role in determining the interior of a house.  Understanding the role of each kind of fabric and their best use  help us to create a better interior ambiance.

  • Cotton fabrics: These are known for holding the pattern well. On big advantage of cotton is that many finishes are available and it eventually suits their use of draperies, furniture covers, pillows and table linens. The fabric is breathable and comfortable and durable too.

Cotton Fabric

  • Velvet:  Velvet come in multiple colors but gives a more formal appearance. They have a luxurious feel and are durable. Velvet often make long lasting furniture’s such as chairs and sofas.

velvet fabric

  • Nylon and Polyester: Nylon and Polyester are used in multiple areas for Interior Decoration. They can often emulate the look of natural fibers. Multiple finishes can be created with nylon and polyester. Microfiber is a great example of polyester fabric used for interior design projects. Microfiber is basically a synthetic material of extremely small diameter and commonly produced from Polyester and Nylon.

nylon and polyester

  • Silk: Silk has got that glamorous look and touch. It has sheen but at the same time it is fragile. It is also available in many textures. It is commonly used in upholsters and pillow cover. Silk is very well used for window coverings. Silk is also good to use on accent features.

silk fabrics

  • Linen: Linen is a material that wrinkles easily but looks fresh when pressed. Linen is a natural fiber. Wrinkles can be decreased by using a linen/synthetic blend. The fabric is one that stains easily and professional care is required for stain removal and cleaning. High quality linen is known for its strength and durability.

linen fabric

  • Acrylic: Acrylic is a synthetic fiber that is soft and wool like. It is resistant to sunlight and does not shrink. It retains color which makes it a perfect material for home decor. It possess woven appearance or fiber loops that increases its softness. Chenille is a common acrylic fabric used for upholstery, slipcovers, bedding and decorative pillows.

acrylic fabric

  • Denim: Denim not only throws a casual look but is also durable. Mostly children’s rooms and family rooms are best decorated by Denim. Denim need not be always be associated with blue. It can be dyed in Black and Red as well.

Denim Fabric

When you go to buy fabric for the interiors of your home next time, I am sure the above mentioned points will definitely be of great help to you.

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