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Living Room Furniture Designs, Concepts & Ideas to Set Up

It is quite very much understood that you want your living room interior to be a center of attraction for your guests. While you must have tried out diverse elements such as the wall shades, the lights, and other accessories for decorating the interiors, another essential element that cannot be missed out on is furniture. In this blog, we will be discussing all about living room furniture designs, the factors that need to be considered, types of furniture, and how to install them appropriately.

Decorating your living room interiors does not absolutely mean you can install any pretty-looking furniture in the living area without any planning. Similar to other elements of interior designs such as wallpapers and others, it is also essential to make the right selection in the case of living room furniture designs.



Factors Dominating Living Room Furniture Designs

There are a number of factors that actually impact the living room home furniture design. Here are some of the essential elements that you should check out for proper planning of furniture for our living room.


  • Size and Space:

The size and space of the living room is a major factor while deciding upon the living room furniture designs. Usually, when the living room is small in size, you have to check out the right furniture options that do not eat up more space. But this again does not mean that you can overfill the living room if you have a big space. The main idea is to optimize the space in the right way.


  • Structure of the Room:

Apart from the size of the room, it is also essential to check out the furniture design according to the structure of the room. This plays a vital role in rehashing and planning living room furniture designs. Some living rooms may be square rooms while some others may have a rectangular shape. You need to make sure to arrange the furniture set up and choose the furniture design according to the structure of the room also.


  • Purpose of the Room:

Another most essential factor that many people forget to consider while weighing living room furniture designs and ideas is the purpose of the living room. There are some people who consider the living room just for the purpose of welcoming guests into your house. On the other hand, there are also some people who consider the living room as a gettogether area for the whole family.


  • The Budget:

The next most essential factor that you cannot miss out on is the budget of the entire living room and then the furniture individually also. Surely, hefty interior design budgets don’t assure premium living room furniture designs. If you wish to design your living room in the most comfortable way without getting any burden, then it becomes extremely essential for you to decide upon the budget that you exactly wish to spend over the entire setup. After you have decided upon the budget, then you can plan up things accordingly and can start spending keeping the decided budget as your limit so that you actually do not end up overpressurizing yourself.


Types of Furniture Installed in the Living Room

Now when the factors of designing the living room furniture are checked upon, you can start setting up the living room furniture and design. While you are setting up the furniture of your living room, here are some of the types of furniture that you can install here.


  • Living Room Sofa with a Center Table:

The sofa set along with a center table is the most important furniture item in a living room. Usually, just placed opposite to the Television set up, the living room sofa is eminent furniture in your living room. You can get a sofa depending upon the space that you have and also the interior design that you have got in the living room. The sofa size, colour, and design must be in alignment with the other living room furniture designs. Accordingly, you can either have a sleek texture or a plush one, Moreover, it is only after getting that sofa that you can start visualizing other essential furniture options in the room.


  • Accent Chairs:

Just next to the sofa, accent chairs also come as an essential furniture element in any living room. Not everyone loves to be comfortable on a sofa. There are so many people who prefer to be seated in a chair rather than sharing the sofa with many others. Hence, having accent chairs also is a part of the living room furniture modern design now.

Accent chairs are usually those that are attractive to look at and at the same time are also extremely comfortable in terms of seating. So, they make a perfect piece for your living room. Getting the right accent chairs in accordance with the sofa and the aura of the interiors definitely make up a good seating arrangement in the living room. Keep reading and you will learn more about eminent living room furniture designs.


  • Cabinets:

Storage is necessary not just in the kitchen or bedroom but also in the living room. And, thus storage cabinets must be paid special attention while weighing your options regarding living room furniture designs. There are so many things that you need to store even in the living room. Also, when you have got sudden guests, these storage units are extremely helpful in hiding out the messed-up elements in the room. One of the finest ways is to get cabinets at different places to create storage spaces. These cabinets can be at places such as incorporated in the TV unit or so on.


  • Bookcase:

If you are a bookworm, you will definitely have the craving of having a bookcase, especially in the living room to flaunt. Now, what could be more inviting living room furniture designs and ideas than having a wood-panelled, sophisticated bookcase stacked well? You can also choose to get a bookcase in accordance with the TV unit or any other interior decor element in the room to complement the living room quite well. The best part of having a bookcase is that you can also utilize this to hold many other accessories too apart from just the books.


  • Ottoman:

If you have some good space leftover after arranging the seating arrangement, you can surely think of getting the cute little ottomans to complete the look of the living room. These are small plush and comfortable chairs that do not have arms or back support. Moreover, they look like a footstool and allow you to store items inside of it. These ottomans look good when they are matched well with the interiors, complement living room furniture designs well and are a favourite of the kids too.



Setting Up Furniture in the Living Room:

When all the essential furniture elements of a living room are known, this does not mean that you can install them randomly in the room. There are some specific ways that you need to learn about how to design a living room furniture set up.


  • In Accordance with the TV:

When you have a huge TV unit in the living room, it is quite obvious that the seating arrangement should be in accordance with it. The seating furniture should be arranged in such a way that everyone in the living room is able to watch the TV from their angles comfortably. So, usually, the sofa is installed just opposite the TV unit so that everyone can comfortably enjoy watching cricket matches or movies together. Do connect with the experts to learn more about the creative ways to make the most of best-of-breed living room furniture designs.


  • Walking Space in the Room:

Even if you have noticed a royal seating setup somewhere, you also need to make sure that it can optimize the space in your room well. While you are setting up the furniture items, you should make sure that there is ample walking space available in between. For example, the living room design sofa placement should be such that there is walking space between the sofa and the center table.

Similarly, you should make sure to maintain a good spacing of the furniture from the walls so that you can maintain the cleanliness of the walls and the floor in a proper way.


  • Let the Room Breath:

When you talk about space, it is not just the walking space that is required. The walking space is as significant as the well-thought-out living room furniture designs. There are also many other reasons why you need to optimize the space of the living room. The most important reason is that you should provide the room with the option to breathe. Over installing different furniture options will lead to congestion that will surely cause a number of things such as light issues and even freshness issues.


  • Match Up with the Interiors:

Usually, the furniture is the last element that you need to add up in the room after completing the other interior work such as the false ceiling, wall shades, and lights. Hence, in order to bring everything into a proper sync, it becomes extremely mandatory to match up the furniture with the interiors of the room well. If you have a modern style interior with white shades and glossy textures, going for living room furniture modern design is the ultimate option to have.

Similarly, if you are offering a traditional or even a comfortable Bohemian touch to the living room, arranging couches, ottomans, and similar options always bring in the vibe.

Apart from this, you can also select from different options such as the heavy wooden furniture options or the sleek metal finish ones.

Selecting the right living room furniture designs can become much more convenient if you are planning the right way. Make sure to know the right purpose of a living room in your house and the budget that you can spare on its furniture design. Make sure to check through all the essential options that you may need and then install them in such a way that you can get a living room that is functional, comfortable, and at the same time where you do not have to compromise upon space.




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29 Apr, 2022



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