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26 Feb, 2014

2BHK Flat of Mrs. Bhavana at Parimala Trinity

A house becomes a home when you decorate it ornately with love and care and your aspirations reflect on its interiors as well. Mrs.Bhavana’s new abode in Bangalore’s Parimala Trinity reflects her liking for simple, and dainty interiors. She was in hunt of interior designers in Bangalore, and approached usBonito Designs to decorate her house. […]

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17 Dec, 2013

How to Keep the Kitchen Clean

Kitchen is a hot pot place where every one Eat.. Pray… Love..!! There is something very pure and spiritual about a clean and clutter free kitchen. Being in a clean kitchen inspires everyone to cook. A clean kitchen is a way to a healthy family. Source But do you think cleaning and maintaining a kitchen […]

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19 Nov, 2013

Mr. Ashwin’s Exotic Apartment at Hsr Layout

Home interior@Mr. Ashwin’s apartment is a masterpiece which has been designed incredibly. The couple living in the adobe have made it their heaven. Interiors design in each and every area of this house has been portrayed, keeping in mind the refined tastes of the inhabitants. The entry point is a passage which connects the living […]

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