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Ramesh & Preethi Menon's Eclectic Abode

A home designed for a vibrant family of four.

The man of the house, an ex-commander of a submarine, loves to photograph birds. He has a penchant for collecting hats ranging from a Trilby to a Dorfman Pacific. He also loves to experiment and serve his signature drinks to his guests. His beautiful wife who is a teacher by profession and loves nature. She has a unique collection of plants and her trees are her source of inspiration.

Their son, a techie and a humble young man who often visits them is a Quentin Tarantino fan and a fun lover. Their daughter, an educational counselor, is a philosophical person. With non-materialistic values and love for dancing and singing also has a sophisticated sense of fashion.

They, as a family, are travel enthusiasts and party people. They would love to have their family and friends over and enjoy the now-over food, music, fun, laughter, and wine.

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    Thanisandra Main Road
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