Mr. Raghavan’s Modern Indian Home Interiors at Elita Promenade

Rich in colours, well lit in natural light during the day and beautiful designer lights in the evenings. Gold and beige bring in the warmth. The foyer is well placed and it pulls us inside with its charm. The living is really lively. The colours blend well here. A cosy couch with Tea tables is just perfect for space. Home automation is the next feature everybody is looking up to. This home’s living and dining false ceiling spotlights and cove lights are operated through mobile phones. Most interesting is curtain automation. Once the curtains are off, that’s the most interesting outdoor view. Acute balcony with a couple’s coffee table is a lovely place to spend the lazy evenings. A beautiful balcony is something which will grab your attention real quick. This is the major source of sunlight inside the home. Sowmya had a great time operating Alexa and the Laurel Curtains. All automated equipment can be operated using different types of devices is another speciality. Dining has a rustic look and the designer lights lit the space well. Pooja unit here is open and well organised. The master bedroom has straight line patterns which are carried on to the wardrobe too. The guest bedroom is simple and subtle.

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  • Location
    7th Phase
  • Flat Type
  • Square Feet
    1405 sq ft
Tv unit