Mr. Prasath and Mrs. Karishma’s 3 BHK Apartment | RBD Stillwater

Mr. Prasath and Mrs. Karishma's new age 3BHK apartment

Bonito Designs presents to you Mr. Prasath and Mrs. Karishma’s new age home. A beautiful 3BHK apartment at RBD Stillwater, customized for home entertainment. This home features a lot of open spaces emphasized by whites and neutral tones such as beige and gold. The decor features florals and patterns on the upholstery and the walls. The residents are enthusiastic hosts for their friends. It is also reflected through the design. The master bedroom features a balcony transformed into the perfect entertainment zone. The guest bedroom also houses an organized work station and sleek lines. The 3rd bedroom revamped to equip a comfortable reading nook and prayer setup. This is every enthusiastic host’s dream Bonito home.

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    Haralur Road
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Living Room Design Idea by Bonito
Living Room Partition Ideas by Bonito
Bar Counter At Home Idea by Bonito
Reading Room Interior Design by Bonito
Reading Room Wall & Interior Idea by Bonito
Guest Bedroom Interior Design by Bonito
Master Bedroom Design & Room Idea by Bonito
Guest Bedroom Design & Room Idea by Bonito