Mr Hariharan & Mrs. Samiksha’s Golden Home | Brigade Cosmopolis, Whitefield, Bangalore

Mr Hariharan & Mrs. Samiksha's Golden Home

This dream Bonito home glitters like gold inside and outside – making its soul shine bright.

This Bonito home – aptly named Aurora after the bold and vibrant personality of the lady of the house – is the humble abode of Whitefield’s Brigade Cosmopolis resident Mrs. Samiksha Hariharan and her humble family of three. The golden tones used across the home complements the impeccable taste of the couple in envisioning their dream abode.


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  • Location
  • Flat Type
  • Square Feet
    2200 sq
golden design wall and table
Bonito furniture in Bangalore
living room with gold theme
4 BHK Golden Wall Design - Interior Design in Bangalore
dining table setup gold color
Optimized wall design bonito design
Optimized bedroom table
Optimized bedroom bed
Flooring and Carpet
Optimized bed room