Mr Jebraj's Simply Elegant 3BHK Home

Mr. & Mrs. Jebaraj’s home at the Brigade Lakefront, Bangalore is a complete blend of sophisticated color schemes, soothing patterns, and tasteful accessories. The 3BHK includes all the latest trending designs for a family home in India and brings out the bespoke style of the customer. A vibrantly colorful foyer area leads the guests to an ergonomically planned living area. The modern modular kitchen sits adjacent to the living space and is highlighted with a breakfast counter with wooden finishings. The dining area is kept simple and traditional with wooden furniture set. The master bedroom is set on a lighter color scheme with floral prints for the accent wall to add a bit of fun to space. The guest bedroom features a contrasting color scheme with a dedicated space for working. The kids’ bedroom features a livelier color palette that complements the various toys on display and also incorporates plenty of storage space.

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Guests Bedroom of 3bhk Bangalore Apartment