Modern Contemporary

Modern Contemporary

Homes for new families are always our favorite. Mr Kumar’s expanding family gets a modern contemporary design style that celebrates their little girl. With a pink themed bedroom for the child to a minimal color palette with elegant designs all across the space.

Designed for

Mr. Kumar Gaurav

Designed by

Bonito Designs





A home for the family to relax and grow

With the customer’s brief being clean and uncluttered, Bonito delivers a home that shows grandeur even in minimalism. Homes like this illustrate the kind of simplicity that Marie Kondo fans would adore: Despite the fact that it is undeniably affluent, due to the standout items.

Natural light is abundant, and the spirit of the room is preserved. Homes like this one, which are built to foster quiet and tranquillity, are great places to incorporate modern style.

The perfect marriage between style and personality with class!

Embossed with highlights that make it hard to look away, this home features a different vibe in every room. Contemporary aesthetic emphasizes simple aspects that develop grays, beiges, and white tones.

Sleek, careful elements that are hidden highlight an edited aesthetic. Contemporary interior design features ‘everything in its place’ designs that are high on utility and simplicity and low on collections and fuss.

Bonito is flawless experience with the best quality products.

We wanted a home that stands apart from the usual cluttered look of an Indian home. This is our second home and we wanted only the best for our dream home. We had seen the latest projects done by Bonito and were impressed with the creativity they showed. Which is why we trusted Bonito to make a home for us in the best possible way – and they did!

Mr Kumar Gaurav

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