Interior design in the Bohemian style originated in the nineteenth century in Paris, France. The bohemian style, named after those migratory artists, aimed to defy beauty standards by eschewing norms and embracing the unexpected.

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Mrs Bhumika

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Brigade Cosmopolis



Tranquil Bedrooms

The grandness of the headboard in this earthy bedroom is undoubtedly part of why this setup feels so luxurious. The tufted leather finish that continues from the headboard to the bedside chair makes this room look extra cosy. Of course, the ambience provided by the textured wallpaper and mirrors as wall accessories doesn’t hurt either. Decorating a white contemporary bedroom entails selecting only a few unique elements that will give it the right personality. Texture and subtle colour can be added to the mix with features such as printed wallpapers or accent walls.

Workplace goals

Our computer workstation setups are one of the most important areas of our homes. They’ve become the place where we spend the most time–even surpassing our beds. Placing a modern home office desk at the corner of your bedroom provides a seamless work-rest balance. This white and wood desk design work well in a room with neutral colours.

A peaceful surprise!

I firmly believe that the compliments I get from friends and family who visit us belong to them too. If you dream of building a home, I highly recommend the Bonito Team!!! They don’t just architect your dream homes to perfection, they embellish it with their knowledge, care, and, yeah, always with a smile.

Mrs Bhumika

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