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This Bengaluru-based design startup turns apartments into bespoke homes, eyes Rs 50 Cr revenue

July 2019

This Bengaluru-based design startup turns apartments into bespoke homes, eyes Rs 50 Cr revenue Read more…

Bonito Designs: Curating Aesthetic Designs for Living Spaces

July 2019

Designing a home is more than just furnishing it with the latest and trending pieces of furniture and décor. The design and interiors should speak volumes about those residing in it.  It should contribute to the warmth that the inhabitants’ exhibit in this place they call their home. It should reflect the personality and choices of the people inside. Elevating interior designing into an art of understanding spaces and customizing them to reflect the identities of their owners, Bonito Designs is a bespoke interior design studio that essentially brings in stories to spaces. It acquaints, familiarizes, and understands the vision of the space owner and then strives to reflect them in a manner that corresponds, and exceeds the vision of its clients. Read more…

Bonito Designs raises $6.3 m in pre-Series A funding –
The Hindu Business Line

29th March 19

Tomorrow capital finding

Bonito Designs will use the fresh capital to extend its operations, ramp up production and invest in R&D to build processes and delivery know-how. The company aims to raise $15 million in Series A funding by the end of next year. Read more…

Commonfloor Awards 2018 – 19

October 18

Common floor Awards

Bonito Designs are awarded as the Best Interior Design Company of the Year 2018 – 2019 because their endeavour is to deliver a concept that will become a permanent source of positive energy and enthusiasm that combines the aspects that defines the space that you would love to live in. Read more…

Startup City

October 18

Startup City, Silicon India

“Reaching out to the customers with your services requires solid co-operation and alignment. The person who receives the check from the customer to the person who delivers the furniture” Read more…

Game of Thrones as a Leadership Inspiration- The New Indian Express

16th May 2019

Game of Thrones (GoT) has been one of those few series that got me genuinely hooked not just in terms of the drama and thrill, but from a strategy, politics and human behavioural point of view. One of the lines that I have used in my own company is ‘Winter is Coming’ to signal the incoming harsh times for the company and to get them prepped up. Read More…

Modern Kitchen Design Tips – The Hindu

30th March 18

The Hindu

Space planning is one of the important factors when it comes to a kitchen, as it is the most function-intensive space in a home. An appropriate balance of functionality and aesthetics makes for an ideal kitchen. Read more…


12th Feb 18


One could have rose petals over the table with 2 wine glasses red and white in color which are not transparent along with wine. The source of light could be candles which could be made from scented crayons with the color of their choice which again would work out much cheaper than the ones you get in the market. Read more…

Vintage Home Decor –

17th Feb 19

Add a vintage touch to your home Decor

Homeowners can remodel their homes based on a vintage theme, by either recreating the style or bringing in old decor elements, such as distressed furniture, a grandfather clock, ceramic tableware or even a sword hanging on the wall, into the design. Read more…

The Siast Daily

7th July 18

Style your home with minimalist furniture
Millennials today want to live light, eco-friendly and not spend much on material possessions, so make sure you are following the trend. Read more…

The New Indian Express

25th June 18

Keep your furniture ready for monsoon

With the monsoon approaching its imperative that you keep your furniture ready to face the rainy season. Avoid keeping extra hot things directly on the surface and get the solid wood furniture treated with wax, varnish or any other protective and decor coating, suggest experts. Read more…