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    The Bonito Process
    The Bonito Process
    The Bonito Process
    The Bonito Process
    The Bonito Process

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    Featured Projects

    Bonito makes Happy Homes.

    Over 10,000 designs completed for happy clients

    Saberi and Arindam Roy

    Doused in an interplay of warm colors and subtle textures, this 3 BHK of Saberi & Arindam in Bangalore speaks class. The entire home is filled with comfortable, well-lit, functional spaces injected with statement-making elements.

    Sonam and Ashish Gupta

    Discover the aesthetics of this unique home interior of Sonam & Ashish which is filled with vibrancy and all splendors. Dipped in the essence of Art Déco style, the space speaks a lot about class and comfort.

    Bhavana SH & Manohar Reddy

    This villa of Bhavana and Manohar is just awe-inspiring and straight out of magic. A spirited dialogue of minimalism and elegance- this abode is a surreal delight. The off-white contemporary façade with greens gives a beautiful welcome, radiating subtleness and positivity all around.

    Shalini & Ankur Gupta

    From an amazing entrance to the perfect bedroom space, this 3BHK home of Shalini & Ankur is all about good vibes. The fascination that the ambiance creates is not just limited to a few factors- all the little elements make up this beautiful abode.

    Shweta & Raj
    Brigade Cosmopolis

    Welcome to the beautiful 3BHK home of Mrs. Shweta and Mr. Ashish Singh…

    Ashish & Shweta
    Vaswani Reserve

    Sure of exactly what they wanted, Supratim and Deeksha were a pleasure to…

    Supratim & Deeksha
    Brigage Lakefront

    Shweta and Raj’s overwhelmed expressions as they speak throws light on their 3bhk…

    Here's what our clients have to say about us

    “I am so fortunate that I got this place done by Bonito. Because of the pandemic majority of my time was spent at home and I’ve not been going to the office for a long time. So this space gives me a sense of freedom… It feels open and airy, whether you’re spending time with your kids or working or just relaxing, it’s a good place to be.”


    Abhilash Ramakrishna & Nagashree

    Maya Indradhanush

    “When we enter into our house, we feel like we are entering a little palace. Our house has a ‘Wow’ factor. The project manager and the designer were in sync with us all the time. Whenever there was an issue, they were able to fix it immediately. My dream home came into reality, actually, it is better than what we thought.”


    Prashant Yadav & Uma

    Bren Imperia

    “Bonito was the right choice for us, for a couple of reasons. One is, that we were looking for a corporate interior designer. We selected Bonito, on the basis that there should be at least a bit of responsibility, in terms of timelines and quality. We really love the outcome, I would gladly recommend to my friends and family.”


    Bhupendra & Nisha

    SNN Clermont

    “The first time I stepped into Bonito, the experience centre made me feel this is the place. For me, it was the designs, it was love at first sight! There was a very good understanding between me and my designer. Every space in my home, every corner is my personal favourite. Overall I would rate Bonito 9 out of 10. I am very lucky that I could cherish all those moments in my new Bonito home. I am so happy that I chose Bonito designs for my interiors.”


    Ambar Sahar

    Bollineni Silas

    “The design has come out the way we wanted it, so we have just fallen in love with this house. We wanted a simple, minimalistic, Nordic kind of design. When we went for the design discussion, we just had a faint idea. But I think with Bonito it became meaningful. They helped us throughout the journey. When we started designing, we worked closely with them and the design has come out to our fulfilment... And what you see in the design is what you get! I would rate Bonito a 9.”


    Balaji & Lalitha Iyer.

    Prestige Rapperswil

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