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Because contemporary design is always evolving, it is impossible to predict what it will look like in a home. Of course, not every piece of furniture needs to be brand new. Because mid-century modern is so popular, it is often incorporated into contemporary environments. Currently, a modern home may include wide windows, sculptural forms, and architecture that is in harmony with the outdoor landscape.

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Mrs Jyothi Reddy

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Bonito Designs


Balaji Layout



Organic accents in Contemporary Designs

This contemporary kitchen features a great contrast between vast swaths of marble tile and warm grey cabinetry, as seen in modern interiors. Organic details, such as a casual arrangement of flowering branches in a vase on the island, a funny pedestal bowl of “fruit,” and a wood chopping block, all soften the lines. Contemporary interior design features ‘everything in its place’ designs that are high on utility and simplicity and low on collections and fuss.

The beauty of an uncluttered space

Spaces like this opulent guest suite show the kind of simplicity that would please: Though it seems undeniably luxurious, owing to jewel-toned bolster pillows, an expansive upholstered headboard that stretches the whole length of a wall, and a pair of textured wool rugs, decorations are kept to a minimum. The only decorations on the walls are natural light and a television set on the wall. Rooms like this one, which are intended to foster quiet and tranquillity, are great places to incorporate contemporary style.

A home of our own

Thank you for designing the inside of our dream house. Throughout the project, the whole Bonito team displayed professionalism and high quality work. The manner in which they carried out the job won my confidence in them to create my dream house. The finished home much exceeds our expectations when the design was finalised. I’m quite pleased with the job that Bonito has done for me.

 Mrs Jyothi Reddy

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