The Nautical style is a design style that allows every beach lover to keep the ocean close to them. This style helps to integrate the coastal lifestyle into your interior space by bringing in the proper components for a nautical vibe.

Designed for

Mr Sukesh Shetty

Designed by

Bonito Designs


Prestige Kew Gardens



Nautical interiors are trendy all year, but they really take off when the weather warms up.

Instilling that carefree, seaside lifestyle into an interior may sometimes come down to the color palette and materials utilized, and there are several must-haves when it comes to this aesthetic. Want to travel the world? Create a blue feature wall for your inspiration.

 Blue and gold bedroom wall maps out the globe, using floor-to-ceiling length bedside mirrors as accents. This modern bedroom is perfectly complemented by white and light wood. Wide windows, marble floors, and plenty of space create a cool, uncluttered space.

Nautical theme can also be shown with little decoration.

Even with little decoration, one can change the look of their room to be better and feel like a beach house. To represent the laid back nature of the beach, a mix-and-match of fabrics and prints are introduced in this design style. With so many knick knacks all around the place, the sense of minimalist white walls pulls together the entire design.

Fantastic designs and quick response

Bonito just designed the interiors of our house. The entire team is fantastic, from the design phase to the implementation team, which was very engaging and gave their all. Even after the project has been handed on, they reply quickly to any difficulties, which is really appreciated. Best wishes, Bonito.

Mr Sukesh Shetty

Start your journey with us and craft yourdream home

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Start your journey with us and craft yourdream home

Make a statement, build a designer home.