Modern European

Modern European

More than just a display of riches, Victorian-era fashion was a chance for people to express their own unique interests while also incorporating trends from throughout the world. Victorian interior design became popular because it provided a chance to express one’s individuality and allowed for unique design options.

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Mrs Bhoomika & Mr Chandan

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Prestige Jade Pavilion



Trip back in time

The Queen Anne style, a resurrected type of architecture from the reign of England’s Queen Anne, who ruled from 1702 to 1714, was one of the major architectural forms that originated from this era. The ornate embellishments, corner towers, spacious porches, and patterned walls set the style apart in North America. From early English designs, the style evolved into a range of shapes and regional variants.

Variety is key

Mixing diverse eras and styles should be done with caution. When feasible, choose elegant decorations, like as embroidery or lace, to add something special to pieces, but make sure all selections are properly thought out. Allow yourself to embrace the eclectic aspect of Victorian style, mixing and matching to find what you want and gradually introducing Victorian-style objects to rooms to see what works best. Decorating suggestions can be useful, but in the end, you must find your own balance between the stark interiors of minimalist, modern living and the bustling interiors of Victorian homes.

Where design becomes timeless

For my interior design, I contacted Bonito Designs. I was quite pleased with the services they offered. They displayed my entire house design in virtual reality, which is a market-exclusive offering. I would without a doubt suggest their services to all of my friends.

Mrs Bhoomika


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