European home design is a delightful blend of classic and contemporary ideas. This aesthetic is difficult to nail down since it draws inspirations from numerous places and time eras across the continent.

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It’s all about balance

More elaborate curves and lines may be seen on anything from chairs and sofas to tables and sinks in classically decorated houses. Smaller bathrooms and kitchens are common in urban townhouses and flats to optimise the usability of vertical areas. Scrolled and flowery motifs are more common in ancient settings as well.

The notion of less is more is commonly used in modern surroundings. Cabinets feature smooth, flat surfaces with little to no hardware and are frequently inspired by Scandinavian minimalism. Color schemes in contemporary Europe are modest and subtle, with a concentration on neutrals. Instead, natural materials such as wood, stone, and granite are being highlighted.

The European design effect

Modern style, which is sometimes perceived as ‘harsh’ (possibly in contrast to ‘homely’), may serve to produce a sense of tranquillity if it is carefully organised. Old World style is influenced by a blend of European décor, such as western European antiques. Deep textures and fabric cover the walls and flooring. The furniture is made up of large-scale elements. If you want to decorate your home in Old Colonial style, use the following as a guide.

Flawless from beginning to end

Bonito Designs completed the interior design of our home, and the results were outstanding. From the beginning to the conclusion, the Bonito Design team made us feel at ease. The job quality was fantastic, especially since the designer and project manager were polite and patient enough to listen to our ideas and make sure they were implemented properly. The overall impression was positive. I would enthusiastically suggest Bonito Design to my friends and family.

 Mr Nilay Tripathi

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