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1 Apr, 2014

Furniture for a Best Home Office

  Working from home is an option many choose, if given a choice, as it gives them the option of looking after their home and family and at the same time, not compromise on their professional goals and career. In such a scenario, one doesn’t get lost for another and hence work from home is […]

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16 Mar, 2014

Decorating The Home Office

Home office – the term itself says it all. It should have the comfort factor of a home and the professionalism of an office. Too much of either factor shouldn’t be welcome. A modern home office should be a practical place and allow a person to do his or her work comfortably but with all […]

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20 Feb, 2014

2 Bhk Apartment of Koushik Manne’s House

Elegance, Sophistication and Richness are three precise elements that describe the interior décor of Mr. Koushik’s residence. The owner wanted a resident that not only showcases rich look but equally offers utility to every space. With this concept in mind and to provide maximum feasible space in the given area, We – Bonito designers brought […]

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10 Jan, 2014

9 Ways to Design Your Home Office

Internet has bought a lot of change in the working mechanism. Working from home by sitting on a favorite couch or in a favorite corner is no more a dream for the right candidate. It is a fun and cool way to complete the tasks. It offers the comfort to work with your own timings […]

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24 Dec, 2013

Curtains Matching Home Decor

A curtain is a decorative shade or screen with the primary purpose of concealing, blocking or shading. Although never the first feature to be noticed in any room, a curtain most definitely impacts the outlook of a room. Before deciding on the curtains for a room, you have to decide on where to place the […]

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