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4 Jul, 2020

Ergonomics for Working From Home

With most companies worldwide issuing an extension on working from home for their employees – not everyone is happy about it. Turns out working from home is not as relaxing or fun as it is made to be. Of course when you have body ailments developing from sitting awkwardly for a long period of time. […]

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3 Jul, 2020

Beautiful Workspaces for your Bonito Home

Due to the current situation, most of us are making do with adjusting our home to suit our needs when working from home. Working from home cluttering the dining table with paperwork even during dinner time. Or getting a terrible backache from the improper way we continue sitting on our couch all day long. And […]

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1 Apr, 2014

Furniture for a Best Home Office

  Working from home is an option many choose, if given a choice, as it gives them the option of looking after their home and family and at the same time, not compromise on their professional goals and career. In such a scenario, one doesn’t get lost for another and hence work from home is […]

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16 Mar, 2014

10 Mistakes to Avoid While Decorating The Home Office

Home office – the term itself says it all. It should have the comfort factor of a home and the professionalism of an office. Too much of either factor shouldn’t be welcome. A modern home office should be a practical place and allow a person to do his or her work comfortably but with all […]

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20 Feb, 2014

2 Bhk Apartment of Koushik Manne’s House

Elegance, Sophistication and Richness are three precise elements that describe the interior décor of Mr. Koushik’s residence. The owner wanted a resident that not only showcases rich look but equally offers utility to every space. With this concept in mind and to provide maximum feasible space in the given area, We – Bonito designers brought […]

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10 Jan, 2014

9 Ways to Design Your Home Office

Internet has bought a lot of change in the working mechanism. Working from home by sitting on a favorite couch or in a favorite corner is no more a dream for the right candidate. It is a fun and cool way to complete the tasks. It offers the comfort to work with your own timings […]

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24 Dec, 2013

Curtains Matching Home Decor

A curtain is a decorative shade or screen with the primary purpose of concealing, blocking or shading. Although never the first feature to be noticed in any room, a curtain most definitely impacts the outlook of a room. Before deciding on the curtains for a room, you have to decide on where to place the […]

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