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14 Dec, 2019

How To Boost Your Home Aesthetics – Carpets & Rugs Edition

With the restriction in space, one can hardly keep on adding more elements into the space to add on to its aesthetic value. Especially in Indian homes where additional accessories translate into losing focus from the design style of the home. This is where we introduce carpets or rugs into the design. Elaborate or simple […]

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28 Jan, 2017

8 Ways to Give Your House a Vintage Look

Vintage interior design is about embracing the things of the past and enjoying them just as they are by repairing or refinishing them.Often it gives a great feeling to have a vintage look.  A pair of furniture can be a great instrument for creating that magic. Let’s look at some of the innovative ways to […]

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10 Nov, 2015

Smart Ways to Re Purpose Kids Toys in a Shrewd Way

Every home is often filled with unused and waste toys. Do you know that pretty beneficial items can be made with such unused toys?  There are scores of ways by which toys can be up-cycled or re-purposed. It is something amazing and stunning when something creative is made from something waste. One who gets bored […]

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18 Nov, 2014

How to approach an Interior designer

Hey all, I welcome you to my next blog. To brief about this; this blog may not be as fancy as my other blogs, but you will find useful information just like my other blog (Hiring an interior designer – Is it a right choice?) Few pointers to pen down before approaching an interior designer: […]

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17 Nov, 2014

How to decorate luxury home interiors on a budget

Give your home an affordable dash of luxury A home is where the heart is. Many of us would like to put in the best efforts to decorate and maintain our home. Hence, people like to maintain their home as the best thing. There are many options available when it comes to decorating a home on […]

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8 Nov, 2014

How to select TV Stand for your home

. Hope you all enjoyed my other blog ” How to chose right TV design ” , this pretty piece is just an extend topic of my earlier topic. This will give you a deep insight of how to select TV stand as per your home theater Best Way to Select TV Stand design for Your Home […]

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29 Oct, 2014

How to chose the right size TV for your home interiors

Select the right TV that suits your living room TV is the perfect medium for entertainment at home. Latest plasma / LED TVs occupy less space and provides the best viewing experience. It also adds to the style factor of a room. Any room with high-end designs or with simple designs, will look more elegant […]

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27 May, 2014

The Right Bedroom Lighting

A lighting that is subtle yet comfortable, just how the bedroom is A bedroom is one space where one wants to be what he or she is, devoid of makeup or masks. That is why, if you ask as to which is the favorite place in the world, a majority of the population in the […]

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23 May, 2014

How to Decorate the Guest Room

How to decorate the Guest Room In India, guests are treated as equal as Gods. But how many houses have a separate room solely allocated for guests? While furnishing the house or remodeling it, many of us actually forget that there should be a closed space dedicated for the visitors, so that they can feel […]

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17 May, 2014

How to Decorate Large Bathrooms

Decorating large bathrooms Bathroom is one of the integral part of a house so should also be given equal attention for its décor. You can use various bathroom decor ideas, tricks for your bathroom if you are remodeling it or simply updating to make it your dream bathroom. Source You can get inspired by the […]

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