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13 Mar, 2014

Various Types of Hinges and Where to Use Them?

Let’s hinge them together! What do we mean when we use this phrase? We may say, human body comprises of hinges in the form of body Joints! Hinge is an external joint which holds two elements or facades together, permitting limited rotational movement. In Interior Design when joined by a typical hinge, the objects rotate […]

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18 Feb, 2014

Semi Matte Laminate Floors

Laminate floors have always been considered the finest way to décor homes at budget-friendly means. This is the perfect way to secure natural wood appearance in any space. Source The best thing is that these laminate covers are suitable not only for floors but even for other spaces of a house such as cupboards, table […]

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30 Jan, 2014

8 Useful and Innovative Ideas of Using Glass

Latest Update: Jan 19, 2021 Glass is looked upon by many of us as utilitarian than as a decorative item when using it in our homes. In all probability we have already used glass in our homes for various purposes. In our last post we have explained about Stainted-glass (which was a great hit 🙂 […]

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24 Jan, 2014

Kitchen Baskets That Ease Your Organizing

Ask your partner what they love the most in their kitchen. We are sure that you will listen this word – Kitchen BASKETS in their never ending list of lovable items (because women love the things which helps them to organize the things in a better way..! 😉 🙂 )   Every women loves to […]

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16 Jan, 2014

Gorgeous Stained-glass Ideas for Your Home

There is something very vintage about a stain-glass. Maybe the idea comes from the fact that Stain-Glass is usually seen only in churches or old homes. Stain-Glass has been used in artistic expressions since the early 17th century. You can use this beautiful piece of adornment in your own house, no matter how small or […]

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Master bedroom Design
15 Jan, 2014

Everything About Sliding Wardrobes

In the last few years, the storage requirement of an average home has gone up by almost 100%, but the floor space of new homes has reduced significantly. This change has had a dramatic effect on the way we design our homes. Careful usages of previously overlooked spaces like the alcoves, under the stairs, sloped ceilings, […]

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