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14 Dec, 2019

How To Boost Your Home Aesthetics – Carpets & Rugs Edition

With the restriction in space, one can hardly keep on adding more elements into the space to add on to its aesthetic value. Especially in Indian homes where additional accessories translate into losing focus from the design style of the home. This is where we introduce carpets or rugs into the design. Elaborate or simple […]

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23 Jun, 2017

Mr. Bharath Behra’s 2bhk Apartment

Reviewing the Modern Graceful Interiors of Mr. Bharath’s 2BHK Apartment Mr. Bharath Behera wished their 2BHK house to adorn interiors that is modern, mesmerizing, sophisticated and can make their home appear more spacious. The client wanted a maximum utility for every corner of their house with use of exclusive elements. While providing utility to every […]

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21 Jun, 2017

Mr. Veeresh’s 3bhk Apartment

There goes a saying that ‘Home is the place where we grumble the most, and are treated the best’. Home is the nest for a tired person from his workplace, to retire at the end of the day. We convert abode into a dream home. The 3BHK dream home of Mr. Veeresh,is  situated at Nitesh […]

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20 May, 2017

Mr. Vipin’s 3bhk Apartment

  Mr. Vipin’s 3bhk apartment is situated in Salarpuria Magnificia near Tin Factory in Bangalore. This property is quite unique and can be called a glass house as we have used mirrors all around while doing its design. Another interesting point to note here is the absence of a foyer. Since there is no foyer […]

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27 Apr, 2017

4 Bhk Villa of Swetha and Binod

This project is one of our master creation, which bears testimony of our dedication and hard work.  It is the majestic 4 BHK Villa of Swetha and Binod in Greenwich, Sarjapura. We have used our best available resources with us and the result obviously is for you to see. Let us have a look around […]

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23 Feb, 2017

Mr. Ananthesh’s Sweet Abode

 Home is the ultimate place that a person can relax in after a day of hard work. We understand the need to have a dream house and we constantly try to give our best through our dedication and hard work. We make dream come true by our passion for designing and making things beautiful. Today, […]

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7 Jan, 2017

Mr. Nagesh and Ms. Anusha’s House  

This BLOG is about one of our most elegantly designed project that we have handled so far. I will take you around the home of Mr. Nagesh and Ms. Anusha at Concorde Amber. Let’s just have a look at it along with our beautiful anchor Soumya.  Foyer: The Foyer is done beautifully. A tall shoe […]

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23 Jun, 2015

Mr. Raghu’s 3bhk Interiors – Lrt South City

We at Bonito Designs recently completed designing and installing the interiors at Mr. Raghu’s 3BHK in LRT South City. Space was plenty, so we could play out many of our ideas without much difficulty. Let’s walk you through the different parts of Mr. Raghu’s home. #Apartment Foyer interiors The 12/10 foyer area has been highlighted […]

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25 Sep, 2014

Dining room design ideas – 8 Things to consider

Dining room decorating ideas Dining room is where people come together. It’s a place where you will start your morning with a breakfast meal, a place where you meet with your family for a peaceful dinner after a hectic day. This is the place where you would host your dinner party on a holiday, weekend […]

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12 Jul, 2014

The Basics of Decorating the Dining Room Interiors

A person begins and ends his day in the dining area. So what should the dining zone look like? What paints should be there? How to choose the right colors for dining room? Find simple answers to all these complicated questions of dining room interior design ideas in our 96th blog post. No home can […]

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