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28 Nov, 2019

Minimalist Home Decor – A New Age Approach To Decorating Your Space In Style

Ever spent hours looking at those aesthetically pleasing photos of beautifully designed homes on social media? But too scared to go all minimalist on your 1000 favorite items? Thinking of decluttering but that new storage space might just save your stuff? Or you want to turn your bachelor pad into one you’ve seen in the […]

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17 Sep, 2014

5 effective ways to upgrade your bathroom effortlessly

How to upgrade your bathroom effortlessly Bathroom is a place in the house that is literally the most misused. It has to tolerate abusive treatments by a constant flow of water, low air circulation, and worst, if mold and fungus starts to attack the walls and floors. Getting an expensive makeover for your bathroom decoration […]

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3 Jun, 2014

30 fun ways to make kids’ bathroom awesome – Part II

In our previous post, we have given you 15 fun ways to make kid’s bedroom stylish out of 30. In this blog, we are giving your 15 more kid’s bathroom decor ideas as we have divided them into half, just to avoid your mind to indulge into confusion.. 😛 and make the process easy.. 😀 So let’s […]

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bathroom in 3 bhk
29 May, 2014

30 Fun Ways to Make Kids’ Bathroom

30 fun ways to make kids’ bathroom awesome Kid’s bathroom decorating ideas It is often a difficult thing for parents to coax their tiny tots into bathroom for a bath. No matter what temptation you might give, the kids won’t budge. Now there is an easy way out that would send your kids run happily […]

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17 May, 2014

How to Decorate Large Bathrooms

Decorating large bathrooms Bathroom is one of the integral part of a house so should also be given equal attention for its décor. You can use various bathroom decor ideas, tricks for your bathroom if you are remodeling it or simply updating to make it your dream bathroom. Source You can get inspired by the […]

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3 May, 2014

Bathroom Wall Shelves to Style up Your Space

Bathrooms – oh…!! The ultimate personal space. I remember once, when a friend and I was sitting at the top of a small hill and she suddenly remarked pointing to a tall building nearby, “What is that room? Is it really a bathroom?” I replied, “Yes, a spacious bathroom, isn’t it?” Source She remarked with […]

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30 Mar, 2014

How to Plan a Perfect Bathroom Layout?

Do you know the aspects that you need to consider to plan the impeccable bathroom? The floor? The walls? You must dedicatedly spend some quality time, to plan the makeover or construction of your bathroom. It is because, the bathroom is the most ‘misused’ part of the house. It tolerates intrusion round the clock, is […]

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11 Mar, 2014

How to Choose Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiles: Handy tips and tricks to choose and maintain them By making the right choices, and adopting the accurate techniques of maintenance, you can make your bathroom tiles stay attractive forever. Did you ever see a tiled bathroom design in a magazine and say “Wow! This is what I want when I refashion my […]

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7 Mar, 2014

Picking Proper Bathroom Flooring

Bathroom floors, think over the right materials before picking them Vintage, hard wood or plain mosaic, think through before choosing your bathroom floors. It is a place in your home you want to feel relaxed and calm. It shouldn’t be an intimidation, that the heavy bucks you spent were just not right!!! The step into […]

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