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Beautiful ideas by bonito
27 Mar, 2020

Interiors that keep you healthy

Everyone loves the smell of clean sheets and a breath of fresh air. But that doesn’t mean that things that seem clean are actually hygienic. The entire family spends a considerable amount of time at home. Maintaining hygiene at all times, even if you can’t see the dirt will go a long way in protecting […]

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5 Jan, 2015

Various types of doors available in India

Doors have more functions today than just being a protective gate to a house. With interior designers coming up with various creative inputs, today, doors come in different designs, materials and layouts. In fact, many prefer to have unique and designer doors for their homes and even different types of doors for different rooms. Well-designed […]

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13 Mar, 2014

Various Types of Hinges and Where to Use Them?

Let’s hinge them together! What do we mean when we use this phrase? We may say, human body comprises of hinges in the form of body Joints! Hinge is an external joint which holds two elements or facades together, permitting limited rotational movement. In Interior Design when joined by a typical hinge, the objects rotate […]

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28 Feb, 2014

Particle Board/Mdf/Plywood

Any thoughts on revamping or redecorating a house means either to replace or remake furniture. Other accessories such as upholstery, curtains, decorative items, wall papers etc. only get a secondary consideration. Furniture today, come in all shapes and innovative designs. Earlier, hard wood was the only option to make furniture but today technology has brought […]

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22 Feb, 2014

Soft Laminate – Providing Great Comfort

Laminate flooring has always been the most preferred choice among homeowners. It is one such flooring form that not only delivers exclusiveness and classiness to a space but at the same time is easy to install and even more convenient to maintain. With changing time, even there are new additions made to this kind of […]

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22 Feb, 2014

Matte Finish Laminate – Floors With Durability

  If reflective and glossy laminate finish does not attracts you, then still not worry. Highly versatile and simplest to use, form of laminate finish for floors is there, it is the Matte Finish Laminate. Matte finish laminate is one of the most preferred choices of floor covers among home builders and owners. This is […]

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21 Feb, 2014

Elegant Floors With High Gloss and Semi Gloss Laminates

When it comes to selecting flooring for homes, then homeowners wish to secure floor that is durable and can provide rich look to a space. Great rich appearance can be secured with high quality laminates of different kinds. High – Gloss Laminates – A Perfect Choice to Have Classy Floor Decor An excellent kind of […]

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13 Feb, 2014

The curious case of MDF

There was a time when a house was meant only to live in and the home décor was simple. Today, a house is a matter of pride and interior decoration is a much sought after activity. Think of the time you went about scouting for the perfect interior decorator to make your house look unique […]

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Ply designs
11 Feb, 2014

Learn Everything About Plywood

If you are planning to revamp your house or get some furniture to be made, then there are some terms that you should be familiar with. It is better that you get acquainted with some technical terms as well so that the carpenter would not be able to fool you. You must have seen wood […]

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30 Jan, 2014

8 Useful and Innovative Ideas of Using Glass

Latest Update: Jan 19, 2021 Glass is looked upon by many of us as utilitarian than as a decorative item when using it in our homes. In all probability we have already used glass in our homes for various purposes. In our last post we have explained about Stainted-glass (which was a great hit 🙂 […]

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