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My recent visit to Marshall’s Wallcovering (one of the home wallpaper shop in Bangalore) gave me a new definition of a trendy home decor that can make your homes look wonderful.

As far as appearance of your home is concerned, it is very important to give a full-fledged look and feel to it. A bare wall with luxurious interiors will not give a complete look, unless you paint it with complementing colour or enhance its look by using a suitable wallpaper.

Walls occupy four times the carpet area and forms a huge part of your home. It is such a rare case for anyone to bother so much about the walls that form an integral part of one’s home. Walls have the potential to be decked up to impart an elegant look. So beautify your walls with trendy wallpapers to suit your taste and style


Wallpaper designs in Bangalore

Marshall’s Wallcoverings, the wallpaper shop in Bangalore will help you to choose the best as per your budget and designs. Since 1975 they have been serving a lot of their customers to help their walls look fabulous with their huge collection. They have 10,000+ designs from all over the world. Their collection of wallpaper designs for home and picked from the best European brands like Rasch, Marburg, Omexco, Superfresco, Grandeco, D & C, Deco Fun, Graham & Brown, Casadeco, Wall Fashion, Lanark, Versa and Giardini.

Wallpapers in Bangalore

They have a signature collection wallpapers from the renowned designers like Zaha hadid, Harald Gloockler, Karim Rashid, Barbara Becker, Ulf Mortiz & Zaha Hadid, wherein each design conveys a world of its own creativity. Their hand-picked collection let your walls give an expression of creativity along with the appealing look.

Take a look at the designer’s Gloocker wallpaper that can be accommodated either in the living room or the foyer area instead of stone cladding on the walls

Gloocler Designed Wallpaper

They have wide range of wallpaper collection that are imported from Sweden and Versa. Those wallpapers come in the price range of 32 INR – 200 INR per sqft.. 175 INR will be the ideal price range you should opt for, if you want to go for attractive wallpaper designs.

Below are the types of wallpaper designs that can complement different style of interiors:

PVC wallpapers designs:

PVC Wallpaper Designs

 Ranges from 32 – 300 INR per sqft.

PVC wallpapers can be easily cleaned with wet cloth to remove dirt and stains in a jiffy.

Blown Vinyl Wallpapers design:

Blown Vinyl Wallpaper in Bangalore

Range from 100 – 250 INR per sq.ft

Blown Vinyl wallpaper is meant to impart the texture to the walls. Using this type of wallpaper in your living room will be a good idea.

Deep embossing wallpaper design:

Deep Embossed Wallpapers Design

Ranges from 100 – 250 INR per sqft

Naturals wallpapers:

Natural Wallpapers Designs at Marshalls WallCoverings

Ranges from 650 – 700 per sq.ft

Here are the few notable points that you find from their collection.

  • Every wallpaper comes in a roll of 50 sq.ft that sits on 21″ x 10 meters length wall
  • Most of the wallpapers comes with non-oven backing which helps to sit on the adhesive easily.
  • Advantage of Non-oven backing wallpaper is that they do not damage the wall, while removing in fact you can remove the wallpaper pulling it out from one of the corners in a single stroke.
  • They assure you 1 Year warranty for all kinds of their wallpaper collection on the parameters of Quality and contribution.

Marshall’s Strip Wallpapers in Bangalore

Have you ever wondered that a strip of wallpaper will change the look of your wall and even your room? If not, just browse through Marshall’s wallpaper strip collection. You can see an amazing collection and try your favourite wallpaper design for bedrooms.

Strip wallpaper acts as a style statement to your interiors by giving them their own signature by as you see below:

Strip Wallpaper Designs

Strip wallpaper acts as a style statement to your interiors by giving them their own signature by as you see below:

Zebra Cross Wallpaper Design

Worried about Wallpaper Installation?

Marshall’s Wallcoverings takes care of the entire process right from consulting to choosing the perfect shade for your wall to transport to Installing.

Apart from furnishing your entire home, they also furnish hotel within the check-in and check- out time zero productivity loss.

They charge 350 INR per roll irrespective of the brand and the design.

Payment procedure: 

They usually get 50% of the actual cost as advance and the remaining 50% can be paid at the time of delivery

There is a large scope of coming across wide range of wallpaper designs that are made of silk, cane, jute, mica, gold leafing, glass beads, metallic, chenille, suede and more, when you visit the shop. This will help you a lot in terms of choosing the best design that will suit your walls and interiors.

Ideal Budget for Wallpaper as per the Space:

For a 3BHK apartment or villa, 30k – 50 thousand (as per the no of walls you are planning) will be the ideal budget to be allocated for the wallpapers.

Within this budget you can easily have beautiful wallpapers for your walls in:

  1. Foyer
  2. Corridors
  3. Living room
  4. Dining area
  5. Master bedroom
  6. Guest bedroom (you can find the range of 72 – 200/ sq.ft)
  7. TV unit wherein you can safely invest 14k / roll for a small range TV area
  8. Kid’s bedroom – You can use funky strips of wallpaper that comes in 5 meters with a range of 2500 – 3000 INR per roll.

So, be it bedroom, living room, kid’s play area, or even your favourite bar lounge, choose the best design that would perfectly fall into your budget.

When I think about Marshall’s, I personally feel that it is an interior hub of designer wallpapers in Bangalore.

To get a glimpse of their collection of home wallpaper designs in Bangalore, just visit their site @ www.marshallswallcoverings.com/

Address in Bangalore:

Marshall’s Enterprise India Pv.Ltd
#23, Sri Sai Amrutham, South end B cross
28th Main, Jaya Nagar, 9th block, Bangalore  560069

To know more about us visit www.bonito.in
For further queries, feel free to contact us via
Email: info@bonito.in
Phone: +919019598877

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